An In-depth Look at Gemini's Language Abilities


The recently released Google Gemini class of models are the first to comprehensively report results that rival the OpenAI GPT series across a wide variety of tasks. In this paper, we do an in-depth exploration of Gemini's language abilities, making two contributions. First, we provide a third-party, objective comparison of the abilities of the OpenAI GPT and Google Gemini models with reproducible code and fully transparent results. Second, we take a closer look at the results, identifying areas where one of the two model classes excels. We perform this analysis over 10 datasets testing a variety of language abilities, including reasoning, answering knowledge-based questions, solving math problems, translating between languages, generating code, and acting as instruction-following agents. From this analysis, we find that Gemini Pro achieves accuracy that is close but slightly inferior to the corresponding GPT 3.5 Turbo on all tasks that we benchmarked. We further provide explanations for some of this under-performance, including failures in mathematical reasoning with many digits, sensitivity to multiple-choice answer ordering, aggressive content filtering, and others. We also identify areas where Gemini demonstrates comparably high performance, including generation into non-English languages, and handling longer and more complex reasoning chains. Code and data for reproduction can be found at this https URL


An In-depth Look at Gemini's Language Abilities
Syeda Nahida Akter, Zichun Yu, Aashiq Muhamed, Tianyue Ou, Alex Bäuerle, Ángel Alexander Cabrera, Krish Dholakia, Chenyan Xiong, Graham Neubig
Preprint. 2023.


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