August 2015
- Present
B.S. in Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA

Concentration in intelligence and modeling/simulation with a minor in economics. Overall GPA: 4.0/4.0

Fall 2017
Sciences Po - Paris, France

Exchange program with a focus on economics and political science


August 2015
- Present
Stamps President's Scholar
Georgia Tech and the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation

Full ride scholarship with $15,000 in extracurricular funding awarded to 10 students (27,270 applicants)

February 3, 2018
The Data Open Datathon
Correlation One and Citadel Securities

Placed third and won $2,500 for creating a supervised learning system that predicts dangerous road areas

Industry Experience

May 2018
- August 2018
Software Engineering Intern

Researched and prototyped improvements for automated driver assistance systems and hyperlocal weather prediction for the next generation of Android Auto

May 2017
- August 2017
Software Engineering Intern

Designed and implemented an anomaly detection and trend analysis system for Google's primary data processing pipelines

May 2016
- August 2016
Engineering Practicum Intern

Built an analytics platform for monitoring and catching erroneous edits to Google Maps

Research Experience

January 2018
- Present
Polo Club of Data Science
Undergraduate Researcher

Applying human computer interaction and visualization techniques to help people understand and design more equitable machine learning models

September 2015
- May 2017
PROX-1 Satellite
Flight Software Lead and Researcher

Led a team of engineers in developing and deploying the software for a fully undergraduate-led satellite mission


June 18, 2018
Interactive Classification for Deep Learning Interpretation
Ángel Cabrera, Fred Hohman, Jason Lin, Duen Horng Chau

Demo, Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). June 18, 2018. Salt Lake City, USA.


Fall 2018
ICLR'19 Reproducibility Challenge
Generative Adversarial Models For Learning Private And Fair Representations

Implemented the architecture and reproduced results for an ICLR'19 submission using GANs to decorrelate sensitive data

Spring 2018
Georgia Tech Bus System Analysis

System that combines Google Maps and graph algorithms to include Georgia Tech bus routes in navigation

Spring 2014
CTF Resources

Introductory guide and resources for capture the flag (CTF) competitions with over 800 stars on GitHub


Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
CS1332 - Data Structures and Algorithms

Taught a 1 1/2 hour weekly recitation, graded tests and homework, and helped create assignments

Fall 2016
Team Leader
GT 1000 - First-Year Seminar

Designed a class curriculum for incoming first years and helped lead a weekly seminar class

Campus Involvement

September 2015
- April 2017
Stamps Scholars National Convention 2017
Vice-chair of large events

Directed a 13 person committee in organizing hotels, meals, and presentations for over 700 students

Spring 2016
Tour Guide

Led a tour of campus for visiting families every week

September 2015
- May 2016
Georgia Tech Student Foundation
Investments committee and Freshman Leadership Initiative

Conducted market research to help manage a $1.2 million endowment and organized fundraising events

Selected Classes

Fall 2018
CS 4803/7643 - Deep Learning
Spring 2018
CX 4242/CSE 6242 - Data and Visual Analytics
Fall 2017
BECO 1750A - Money and Banking
Spring 2017
CS 4641/7641 - Machine Learning
Spring 2017
CX 4230 - Computer Simulation
Spring 2017
CS 3511 - Honors Algorithms


Programming Languages